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"Just Semantics" No! it's language!
it's communication
it's information
it's important
In the beginning was the word...


IQ and EQ tests on the web




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Things in life have  to be dealt with,
how you deal with
determines how
you'll live.
-free will

Personality of a leader
Understanding differences & using those differences to your firms' advantage--
Lead on...
The leader of today has a skill set.  Let there be no misunderstanding that it is a profession;
rapidly evolving,
ever challenging,
increasingly demanding,

"You have achieved excellence as a leader when people will follow you everywhere if only out of curiosity."
-Colin Powell

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Welcome to exploring topics on life, leadership, management and more.                  "Variation there will always be," he said.    

When you drink the water        
   Remember the spring

"It's not what you know, it's what you can prove...
...Where's your evidence."  -training day; manufacturing day.


When you come to the fork in the road....TAKE IT  
and DRIVE...............

How good you are is measured by how good you can make them

Be able to benefit your employer better



Leadership develops from the inside out.
Achieving a breakthrough works the same way.
You have the choice to become an effective leader 
in each new assignment.
  It may mean letting go of the past
and moving forward with a new focus
but you'll be glad you started moving in a new 
direction as you see the benefits of reaching
your leadership potential.

TEACH Part of Ed's leadership philosophy
Teach, Expect, Analyze, Communicate and Help

Ed's leadership vs. mgt matrix see what you think.

Valerie and the professor


The white rabbit, mentor supreme! hop, hop

The ill informed walrus "drive out fear" too late

More from Leadership Wired and John Maxwell   

ok what is this alligator hatchery.....
stable process, producing defects_hatchlings

The alligator hatchery
A stable process with variation too wide,
not capable of meeting requirements.
Such a process by statistical definition
is creating defects_hatchlings.
Before you know it, you're up to your .....

This economy

I hear it a lot.  "My plate is full."
Sometimes it's true. However, often it's not the plate that's the problem.  It's the appetite.  No hunger.

Emancipation - The Chronicles of Unemployment and a mentally that lingers on today:  from the plantation to the plant...
“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against systems…” 

The first rule of holes: "When you're in one, stop digging."

If no wind, row.

If you want to make some enemies, try to change something.

Twelve O'clock High and Apollo 13
Interesting how art imitates life.. or is it...... Two movies that have more leadership lessons in them than any textbook.

According to your belief, it is done unto you...

"Do you believe this, Martha,"...

1.  Opportunities

2.  Mentoring   

3.  Operate -Behave dualism - the paradox

4.  The case against being loyal to the culture

Former marijuana smuggler seeks employment
you have to check this ad out!

ABC's of Loving Your Job, By Dr. John C. Maxwell

What is leadership?  Everyone has a definition, or at least a concept. Check these out from Secretary of State- Colin Powell 

Leader Attributes  a progress

Jerry West's comments on Pat Riley as a leader  

Coach Lou Holtz  Passion for Leadership

The Baccus Postulates   
As you traffic through life there are things you learn and things you're told that help you stay the course.  In business I've accumulated these.  See what you think.

engage brain, let out
a gas pedal, a brake, a steering wheel, a leader



The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership 
John C. Maxwell

About diversity   

About change  
Scherkenbach had it right.  For starters, change occurs on three levels:  Physical, Logical and Emotional. It's because our brain is wired that way....

A Smurf - finally, did I find a ...

Standardized Work, why is it so difficult to implement

Irreversible Corrective Action  

Personality of a Leader 

The Portrait of a Fieldmarshal (eNTj)

Temperament In Leading

Practical problem solving

"No matter how frustrated you get during rough times, don't take it out on others. You need allies.  Show character.  Don't blame anyone for your mistakes.  Rather than dwell on your losses, focus on your assets.  Do these things and any failure you encounter will be temporary."  - Lou Holtz


"Really, how tall is a toolmaker?
 "Don't know, never seen one stand up."
James Leroy Shearer.

If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
-- Woodrow Wilson
if that doesn't work, try to get it done
fast. --ed

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